Jersey Integrated Landscape and Seascape Character Assessment

As a small island nation, Jersey faces tremendous challenges in the face of global forces of climate change, biodiversity loss and development pressure. The ILSCA was commissioned as part of the evidence base for the New Island Plan, which aims to address these challenges through promoting sustainable development. The Bailiwick (jurisdiction) of Jersey includes an extra-ordinary diversity of marine and intertidal areas, as well as rich and distinctive landscape types within Jersey itself. All parts of the Bailiwick are being affected by global changes and pressures, and so the ILSCA holistically considers all environments ‚ terrestrial, intertidal and marine. It provides a robust and consistent analysis across the entire study area, and makes strong and practical recommendations for landscape/ seascape protection, enhancement and management. It is also an attractive and engaging celebration of Jersey's unique landscapes and seascapes.
The project, commissioned by the Government of Jersey, and undertaken by Fiona Fyfe Associates between July 2019 and May 2020, set out to:

- Provide complete and consistent coverage of landscapes and seascapes across the entire Bailiwick (terrestrial, intertidal and marine areas), and review and update the previous 1999 ' Countryside Character Appraisal' using current Best Practice methodologies.

- Enhance Jersey's natural environment through putting evidence and recommendations relating to climate change, ecosystem services, biodiversity, and geodiversity at the core of the document.

- Celebrate and protect Jersey's stunning and varied landscapes and seascapes, and historic environment, identifying opportunities for sustainable access to promote the health and wellbeing of islanders and visitors.

- Provide an evidence base and recommendations to enable sustainable development, encouraging positive growth and thriving communities, whilst protecting the most vulnerable and visible landscapes and seascapes.

- Embed the latest understanding in relation to historic environments, biodiversity, geodiversity and undersea environments, to reflect the most current research.

- Work in partnership with local experts on marine, terrestrial and intertidal environments. Use local stakeholder consultation to maximise input of local knowledge, and increase buy-in for the final document.

Following the introduction, landscape/seascape ' story', and Character Type profiles, the ILSCA contains two additional sections. The first is a new concept of ' Coastal Units'. These are an additional layer of assessment, focussing on the most complex area (the coast) where many different Character Types and Character Areas meet and/or are inter-visible. The second responds to a need noted during fieldwork, and comprises Landscape Design Guidance for rural and coastal areas. This section provides guidance on accommodating new development, enhancing rural character, and considering views and visibility.

The ILSCA has been extremely well received, and is already in everyday use: in the evidence base for the New Island Plan; providing baseline information for the Jersey Landscape Sensitivity Study, and informing the ongoing review of the Jersey National Park boundaries.

This is an outstanding example of a contemporary Landscape and Seascape Character Assessment which holistically integrates land and marine environments, distils very large quantities of background evidence, and exhibits exceptionally high-quality presentation. It is making a practical contribution to Jersey's sustainable development, and the wellbeing of the island's people, place and nature.


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    Jersey Integrated Landscape and Seascape Character Assessment

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    Coastal, waterways and wetlands

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    Fiona Fyfe Associates

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    Government of Jersey

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    LI Awards 2020 Finalist - Excellence in Landscape Planning and Assessment


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    Client Steering Group: Kevin Pilley (lead) (Director: Planning Policy Team) John Pinel (Principal Ecologist and Assistant Director: Natural Environment) Peter Le Gresley (Director: Development Control) Marc Woodhall (Natural Environment Officer) Paul Chambers (Marine and Coastal Manager) Marion Jones (Planner - Policy) Project Team: Fiona Fyfe, Fiona Fyfe Associates - Lead Consultant and Project Manager Jonathan Porter and Tom Butlin, Countryscape Carol Anderson, Carol Anderson Landscape Associates Nigel Buchan, Buchan Landscape Architecture Douglas Harman, Douglas Harman Landscape Planning

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  • Fiona Fyfe Associates

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