Landscape Belt of Xianglu Bay Beach in Zhuhai

In the southeast coastal area of China, typhoons often occur in the summer and autumn, with heavy rains and tidal waves. Zhuhai, which is located in the west side of Zhujiang River, has always suffered these tropical cyclones.

Our site, Xianglu Bay, starts from the Fisher Girl Statue (the oldest landmark of the city) to the cross point of Dongfeng Road and Qinglv Road, stretching about 1.5km. Xianglu Bay is a popular space among citizens. However, the breakwater along Qinglv Road does not provide a cushion to protect the seaside area like the beach before it. It also blocks the link between city and sea; furthermore, the quality and ecology of water is effected, and typhoons break the embankment every year.

By restoring the beach along Xianglu Bay, the design team constructed a clean beach occupying 90,000m2. This project not only reaches the goal of ecological remediation, but also enriches the city function, connecting many landscape nodes along the coast with related facilities such stations and toilets, and providing habitats for egrets and open spaces for citizens.


  • Project Name

    Landscape Belt of Xianglu Bay Beach in Zhuhai

  • Location

    Zhuhai, China

  • Category

    Coastal, waterways and wetlands

  • Landscape Architect

    LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co., Ltd

  • Client

    Zhuhai Xiangwan Wharf developing Co., Ltd.

  • Brief

    Storm-resistant landscape. The soft beach reduces the power of waves. Our team used natural methods to deal with disaster, which established a new standard of the restoration of coastal waterfront in a typhoon-prone region. Rebuilding Public Space. Xianglu Bay used to be isolated from the city. Now it is a dynamic coastal open spaces, and will rebuild the image and brand of Zhuhai city. Inheriting City Memory. The Xianglu Bay Beach, which exists in Zhuhai citizens’ memory, has reappeared. Like the statue of Fisher Girl, Xianglu Bay is part of the city's culture, existing in all the people in Zhuhai. Cost-effective and environmental-friendly design. The material and plants all come from the local area, and the rebuilding of the beach was combined with the action of dredging in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, reducing the cost in money and resources.

  • Awards

    Finalist - Landscape Institute Awards 2019


  • Project Team

    Team 1 (overall planning, urban design and landscape design): LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co., Ltd. - Wei Wei, Lai Jichun, Zhang Zhongqi, Zhang Zhenyu, Wei Liang, Alejandro Rodolfo, Zhang Yikang, Zhu Zhihuan, Chen Wenbin Team 2 (beach restoration design): Xiamen Ocean Engineering Exploration and Design Institute - Lei Gang Team 3 (landscape construction design): Shenzhen Hope Landscape and Architecture Planning and Design Co., Ltd - Wan Hao, Huang Junyong

  • Year Completed


  • Project Size

    4.8 ha

  • Capital Funding

    £3.5 million

  • LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co., Ltd

  • Approximate Map Location


    Zhuhai, China

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