Pioneering Digital Innovation

This submission represents Arup’s internal investment in the development of a process to pioneer digital innovation and automation across all stages of a project, from inception and briefing through to construction and monitoring. This process has been developed to drive forward the quality, consistency and efficiency of our work, but also to place landscape architects at the heart of running complex multi-disciplinary projects.

Outside of buildings, the landscape architecture profession is best placed to provide a design and coordination leadership role as we are the sole discipline that cares about the whole integration of specialists into the delivery a quality outcome for people.

This suite of tools functions from a central landscape owned and developed database, and enables our profession to take this leadership role while respecting the innovative tools already well developed by engineers, architects and wider consultants.

The landscape team used a holistic approach to apply digital expertise to solve issues affecting landscape projects throughout the life cycle. Our pioneering use of new technology, data management, visual programming and scripting allowed us to successfully deliver our goals.

Our tools and processes enable designers to maximise their creativity to solve complex issues on projects and create ground-breaking designs.

This digital transformation leads the way to revolutionise projects of any nature and ensures that the landscape discipline remains at the forefront of the industry.


  • Project Name

    Pioneering Digital Innovation

  • Location

    Bloomsbury, London

  • Category

    Masterplanning and urban design

  • Landscape Architect

    Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

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  • Brief

    Within Arup we set ourselves an internal brief to: - Automate processes to maximise the time our designers spend on developing concepts and resolving details, working with the sites, clients and stakeholders rather than being limited by their own skills in a particular software. - Regulate information within a single central database that either feeds the whole project or, in same cases, across multiple projects to improve the consistency of data and the ability to enact project wide updates at the press of a button. - Make use of all the data generated on a project throughout all parts of its lifecycle, and provide this data in a form that the client can continue to use beyond our involvement on a project. - Better learn from our successes and failures on projects to improve the design and digital modelling processes.

  • Awards

    Finalist, Landscape Institute Awards 2019


  • Project Team

    Project Team: Landscape Digital Team Other contributors: Arup owned and developed with support from the clients as noted throughout.

  • Year Completed


  • Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

    Registered Practice - (21 + Employees)
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    Bloomsbury, London

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