Stitch the City and River: Yunyang Waterfront Green Corridor

Yunyang County town is located on the bank of Three Gorges Reservoir. As the old county town has been submerged under the reservoir, the new county town began to be built on the present site from 1992. Thanks to the rapid urbanization process, it has a population of more than 200,000 today. A tourist county, Yunyang is home to a famous temple, a 13th-century fortress and a beautiful natural landscape.

With the wish to transform the landscape of the urban waterfront area, the local government planned to build a coherent urban waterfront green corridor and park system upon the existing parks, wastelands and hillside lands, and make rational use of the huge hydro-fluctuation zone. Landscape architects made an overall plan for the 33km urban waterfront area, and designed the 10km section in the centre of the county town as the first step of the whole project.

Yunyang Waterfront Green Corridor will ultimately connect series of green spaces via the 33km slow-traffic system along the riverside. As the first phase of project, the 10km urban section based on the hydro-fluctuation zone, wasteland, former wharves and warehouses, existing parks and plazas, has effectively stitched the city and the Yangtze River, greatly influenced the life style of the citizens, and apparently benefited local tourism economy. Being adaptive to the shifting of reservoir water level, the proposal presents resilient landscapes and offers resilient functions. It is a green infrastructure that is gradually transforming the city and represents a new framework for urban development.


  • Project Name

    Stitch the City and River: Yunyang Waterfront Green Corridor

  • Location

    Yunyang County, Chongqing, China

  • Category

    Coastal, waterways and wetlands

  • Landscape Architect

    Beijing Forestry University

  • Client

    Immigration Bureau of Yunyang County, Chongqing, China

  • Brief

    The site is located on the bank of Three Gorges Reservoir in Yunyang county town, Chongqing City. Because of the mountainous landform, the water level shifting of reservoir, and the rapid urban construction under the pressure of migration caused by the reservoir, Yunyang waterfront area is chaotic and complex, occupied by residential areas, hotels, parks and plazas, wharves and warehouses, revetments, wastelands, towering cliffs and huge hydro-fluctuation zone. The existing green spaces at the riverside are unconnected and unattractive with the outdated design and ageing facilities.

  • Awards

    Finalist, Landscape Institute Awards 2019


  • Project Team

    Lead Designer: Xiangrong WANG, Qing LIN. Landscape Architect: Liang LI, Tong LIU, Shiyang ZHANG, Xiaodong ZHENG, Yang LI, Mingran ZHANG, Baixue YANGCHUN, Rui HUA, Wei REN, Xiyue WANG, Jiaxin JIN, Xuan WANG, Lu XU, Yu HAN, Hong CHANG, Zhenzhen ZHAO, Xuewei ZHANG, Jing YUAN, Jingyi LIU, Shile DUAN, Kang LI, Yuhang WANG

  • Year Completed


  • Project Size

    78 ha

  • Capital Funding


  • Beijing Forestry University

  • Approximate Map Location


    Yunyang County, Chongqing, China

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