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About Landsmith Associates

Landsmith Associates, a renowned award-winning firm founded by director Sarah Jones-Morris, is a landscape architecture and urban design consultancy. Established in 2017, Landsmith specialises in developing nature-based solutions that prioritise climate resilience, wildlife, and the well-being of communities.

Our commitment extends across all project stages, embedding engagement as a standard service to emphasise social value and neighbourhood resilience.

At Landsmith Associates, we:​

_Our expertise lies in retrofitting urban landscapes on estates, streets, spaces and brownfield sites.
_Aim to achieve a minimum 30% biodiversity net gain.
_The heart of all projects is to co-create climate resilience, promote water sensitivity and neutrality, and human- and nature-centred cities, estates, neighbourhoods, streets, and places.
_We focus on a systems-based and evidence-led design process and incorporate digital technology into our thinking and methodology.

From urban green infrastructure retrofitting to on-site construction, we collaborate with local authorities, community groups, and commercial developers, ensuring transparency and open communication for successful project delivery.

Landsmith Associates is composed of a collective of seasoned specialists and technicians. We collaborate with multi-disciplines on landscape projects, aligning with environmental, social, and governance targets and strategies for resilient, biodiverse, and net-zero estate management striving toward achieving SDGs. Our core values of collaboration and transparency guide us in completing projects on time and within budget, ensuring lasting value for our clients.

Noteworthy projects, including the Redcliffe and Temple BID Green Infrastructure Action Plan, Totnes Green Infrastructure Strategy, University of Bristol Green Infrastructure Framework, and the University of Bristol Green Infrastructure Framework, Avalon Marshes Visitor Centre and Home of 2030 showcase our dedication to sustainable and resilient design.

Landsmith Associates is a Landscape Institute Registered Practice, a member of the Bristol Equality Charter, and part of UK Landscape Architects Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency.


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